Frequently Asked Question About Resume Writing

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Writing a good and effective resume is an art to impress recruiters. Majority of resumes are written unprofessionally and are irrelevant to the desired jobs. People frequently mail us to ask questions about resume. So, today we decided to write a brief discussion on the top six FAQ About Resume Writing.

FAQ About Resume Writing :

1. How to select the Best resume format?

Resume format is important because it determines how you represent your qualifications, skills, job experiences in front of the recruiter. It is very important for you to highlight that sections which are most required for the job. Different resume format highlight different aspects.

A brief description of types of format and their purpose are as follows :

Chronological– It is most widely preferred by recruiters and this is best for those whose work experience is very closely relevant to the desired job. This format lists your experience first and then the qualification in reverse order means most recent first. It can be more clear from below example


FAQ About Resume Writing


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Functional – Recommended for those who want to highlight their skills and people who are seeking a career change. Best for those who have a non-traditional career path or had change jobs frequently.

Hybrid (mixed) – It is the combination of the chronological and functional resumes recommended for those who have mixed relevant skills and similar work experience

Now from the above description, types of format and their purposes is clear. Choose the one which fits your condition


2. How long resume should be?

This is a most common question raised by job seekers. Ideally, your resume should be one page. However, the length of your resume depends on the number of factors. It depends on how much experience you have and what level candidate you are. If you’re an entry-level candidate, a page should be plenty. For more experienced candidates it’s fine to have a two-page resume.

A one-page resume has certain advantages (for example, they are easiest in situations such as job fairs), but a two-page resume is preferred when your experience no longer comfortably fits onto one page or it’s the standard in your industry or country


3. Include a Photo on Your Resume is helpful?

This is always being a point of discussion, but depending on circumstances it may be yes or no. it is never recommended to attach a photo on a resume, in some case where circumstances demands put it on the top and photo should be professional.

4. Should I add contact detail on a resume?

Always add proper contact detail in a resume, include your full name followed by professional mail id and contact number. It is highly recommended to put professional email id in a resume; you are not going to believe this but this is one of the major reason for rejection of resume.


5. Does adding hobbies in the resume is helpful?

It is never recommended until it matches with desire job profile. You should add hobbies only if they are relevant to the job you are applying else leave it because of nobody interested in such useless stuff.


6. Is it better to hire a professional to make a Resume?

The vast majority of resumes are relatively weak, people don’t know the importance of resume they just considered it as a document required to apply for the job. Most of us don’t know how to write a professional resume they just copy from others. We spend lots of money on clothes, movies, traveling and gadgets but when it’s come to our future we thought it is a waste of money.

Each job comes with its own duties and responsibilities. Most jobs are best suited to workers who are specially trained and have the necessary credentials in that line of work. It will work best for you if you hire a professional to make the resume.


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